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4 Elements to Perfecting PR Account Management

By Lacey Trejo. Originally published in One Pitch When PR newbies enter the workforce, we expect they have learned the basics of journalism, how to write a press release, work with the media and PR measurement strategies – among other things. The one area that is often left out of education and

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Don’t Assume You Know Your Client’s Business

Having worked at several boutique PR agencies, I’ve been able to gain a very broad range of experience when it comes to the industries I’ve worked in; everything from cannabis to lifestyle to finance, transportation, insurance and healthcare (to name a few). Of course its not humanly possible to know

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Its All in the Details

This week consisted of the last minute rush to confirm all details for a segment on a CNBC show for a high level CEO. Weeks to gear up for something like this with a client who never misses one detail. I would say details are truly the key to being

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PR Specialists are Increasingly Outnumbering Journalists

This is no surprise but according to the U.S. Census, public relations jobs exceeded those of reporters by more than six-to-one last year, up from less than two-to-one 20 years ago. We often hear about overwhelmed journalists and of course the ones that just simply ignore pitches either because they

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Flexibility is Vital

 I’ve had a client going on six years now and when I think about the reasons why they’ve kept me on as long as they have, despite the work I do, I think it’s my flexibility as a PR professional. When hired, I was in charge of what you might

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Ever wonder what your client thinks of you?

By Lacey Trejo, PR Consultant, Owner, Lacey Trejo PR (LTPR) | Posted: April 28, 2014 Don’t you hate it when clients don’t give feedback—or, worse, go radio silent on you? I love feedback, even if it’s negative. The key to client loyalty is satisfaction (on their end), so knowing what

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