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Its All in the Details

This week consisted of the last minute rush to confirm all details for a segment on a CNBC show for a high level CEO. Weeks to gear up for something like this with a client who never misses one detail. I would say details are truly the key to being successful in PR. You miss a key detail and the trust between PR person and client vanishes. Not only do we have to pitch and secure the segment, we have to get talking points together, confirm car service specifics, gather questions from the producers, triple confirm all times for every step of the process (from show-up time to make-up to air-time etc.), and also finalize a package of materials for the producers for reference, b-roll, etc. The list does goes on. It’s just crazy that so much work goes into a segment that airs for less than 5 minutes. BUT, when its CNBC, you pull out all the stops. This is a national platform where all interviewees are considered high level thought leaders in their respective industries. And when it comes to PR, there is no better win for a client!

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Lacey Trejo

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