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Is Your Company Ready for PR?

After being in the PR business for 15 years, there have been WAY too many companies – mostly start-ups – that think they are ready for PR but are simply not. When you think about the importance of first impressions when you launch, there are key elements that must be

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Writing for the Media vs. Your Target Audience

The connection is the thing – in life as well as business. To make a strong one, whether with the media or potential customers, you need to not only create quality content, but also make sure it resonates. In short, know your audience. That rule of engagement applies to all

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Communicating in Business Today

2020 was anything but normal, but learning and growth happen when we rise to meet challenges. One lesson from the past year is that some things need special attention now more than ever, such as your business communication and overall community awareness. Check out our tips on the best ways

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PR/Marketing Lessons from 2020 & Looking Ahead to 2021

Failing to plan is planning to fail, it’s been said. Successful business leaders know the importance of a quality PR and marketing plan, but those things don’t exist in a vacuum. To know where you’re going – toward better content and connections and thus more conversions in 2021 – it’s

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